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by Art Lover
When I joined this article directory only a couple of months ago, I wrote several articles about Art. To say the truth, I did not expect any income, because from my experience, other paid article directories pay only 1-2 dollars per article, and not all articles are even accepted, especially for low paying Art category. With it was all different experience. What I see from my Adsense statistics is very encouraging! Just two of my article have generated around 5 dollars during one day! Impressed. There is obviously potential here.

by Mara
I have a website of my own,, and I was struggling to earn money on it for several months. No luck, probably I did something wrong. This was totally different here. My first webmastering article is earning as much as 0.50 cents per click on the average... I could not imagine this was possible! I am having about 100 visitors per day hitting on my pages (as I can see from ad sense impressions) and i hope to reach the earning level of 10 dollars per day very soon.

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